4K420 course files

The Supervisory Machine Control (4K420) course files are used for many of the exercises, and are thus useful even for those that don’t participate in the course. They are also used to actually control the lab setup, which is mostly course specific.

To obtain these course files, follow these steps:

  • Make sure the course files are installed into the Eclipse IDE. If you’re using a Bundled IDE release, you can skip this step, as the course files are then pre-installed.
  • In the Eclipse IDE, click File ‣ New ‣ Project...
  • From the Course files category, select one of the 4K420 workstations and click Next.
  • Choose the name of the new project that will be created.
  • Choose a location for the new project, on your hard disk. If you leave the Use default location option enabled, the new project will be created in your workspace directory.
  • Click Finish to create the new project, and fill it with the course files for the workstation you chose.

For new releases of the tooling, the course files may change. If you update the tooling, the course file project(s) you obtained using the steps above won’t automatically change. You can however go through the steps again, and get a second project, with the new course files. The version timestamp of the tooling release is included in the suggested project name, allowing multiple course file projects for different releases of the tooling.

The course file projects that are created contain a file name version.txt that includes both the version of the tooling release, and the version of the course files for the particular workstation.