Supervisory controller development

This part of the CIF 3 documentation explains the development process of a supervisory controller, using the event-based synthesis toolset and/or data-based synthesis. The entire development process is explained, including the design, synthesis, interactive simulation-based validation and testing, and the implementation on the actual hardware.

The focus is on the practical application of supervisory control theory using the CIF 3 tooling. While some background information on supervisory control is provided, it is not our intention to delve into the theory, or even to explain the concepts behind supervisory control synthesis in detail.

Relation to the Supervisory Machine Control (4K420) course

The Systems Engineering group of the Mechanical Engineering department at the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e), teaches a course called Supervisory Machine Control (course code 4K420). While the information presented here will mostly be general in nature, and applicable to all problems that can be solved through supervisory control, some of the information will be applicable only to that course, and to the particular lab setup that is used during the course. Whenever this is the case, it is clearly indicated in the documentation.

Furthermore, most of the exercises given below, use the workstations available in the lab, as well as the 4K420 course files. However, the exercises can be completed without access to the lab, except for the part where the actual machines are controlled. The exercises are good practice to get familiar with the tooling, and the toolchain. They are also good examples of the use of the entire development process, as well as the power and limitations of the approach.