User interfaceΒΆ


Each of the workstations has a user interface. It consists of a number of buttons (green, with a vertical white bar), a two-position switch (black), a number of indicators (lamps), and an emergency button (bigger, red). The number of buttons and lamps varies between the systems. The buttons and lamps can be used to create a user interface, by which the system is controlled. How you use them is up to you.

If you press the emergency button, most of the system will be made powerless, and everything will stop. Just press this button in case your control program behaves strangely, and could potentially damage the system. In some cases however, it may not influence or stop the current movement of pneumatically controlled cylinders. Also, your control program will not stop. It will keep on executing, but it will no longer influence the actuators and sensors. If necessary, stop your program before releasing (pulling out) the emergency button again. The emergency button is a normally closed (NC) contact. This means that when it is pressed, the I/O interface will detect a logical zero (off) signal, while under normal circumstances (i.e. when it is pulled out) it will detect a logical one (on) signal. You should however ignore the emergency button in your plants and requirements, as no additional control is required.