4K420 workstationsΒΆ

For the 4K420 course, four workstations are used to teach our students the principles of supervisory control synthesis. The four workstations used for the course are the input station, the test station, the process station, and the storage station. These workstations form a flow shop system. The machines are located in the Systems Engineering Laboratory of Machine Control Technology, room Gemini-Zuid 0.08 (entrance via Gemini-Zuid 0.07).

These stations are didactic training stations. Therefore, the production of products is virtualized, in the sense that the machines don’t produce actual products. In practice, this means that only the actual drilling of holes into products is disabled, by removing the drill bit from the drill. All other parts of the workstations however, are fully functional. The workstations are entirely comprised of industrial grade components, and include various types of actuators, including pneumatic ones and electric ones.

Below you can find more general as well as detailed information on each of these workstations. Each workstation has its own page. You should be able to derive the complete work cycle description from them, including the way the sensor signals change over time. Examining the physical station itself while reading those pages will help you to better understand the machines. At some points however, the descriptions are intentionally fuzzy and/or incomplete, because we want you to think about them! So, analyze the system and make adequately motivated assumptions if things are not clear.