If you have questions, want to report a bug or a crash, want to request a new feature, or for any other reason want to contact the development team, in principle we ask that you visit the forums instead of contacting us directly. This has several benefits:

  • It allows us to build up a knowledge base of frequently asked questions. This will benefit the community as a whole.
  • It saves us time, not having to answers the same question over and over again, so that we can spend our time answering other questions or implementing new features, that will benefit all our users.
  • If you send an e-mail and that person is on holidays or simply doesn’t have time at that moment, you may have to wait for a reply. On the forum, other members of the development team can answer instead, or even other users of the community can help.
  • If you report bugs and crashes via the forum, you make other users aware of them, so that they won’t have to report them.

Alternatively, you can contact the development team directly, by sending an e-mail to . This should be limited to questions that you can’t ask on the forum, for instance because they are highly specific, or because you can’t ask them without exposing company secrets.

Reporting crashes and other bugs

Please always report crashes and other bugs, so that those problems may be fixed in a future release. Before reporting a problem, please:

  • Make sure you are using the most recent version of the software.
  • Make sure the problem hasn’t been reported before, by taking a look at our issue tracker.
  • Make sure the problem hasn’t been reported before, by taking a look at our forums.

If the software crashed, please report it using the crash report and any relevant error messages. If possible, also provide the files you were working on, so that the development team can try to reproduce the problem.