Starting the simulatorΒΆ

The CIF 3 simulator can be started in the following ways:

  • In Eclipse, right click a .cif file in the Project Explorer or Package Explorer and choose Simulate CIF 3 specification....
  • In Eclipse, right click an open text editor for a .cif file and choose Simulate CIF 3 specification....
  • Use the cif3sim tool in a ToolDef 2 script. See the scripting documentation and tools overview page for details.
  • Use the cif3sim command line tool.

Once you start the simulator, an option dialog will appear, where you can configure the simulation options.

Instead of a CIF model (e.g. a .cif file), simulation can also be started for a compiled code file (e.g. a .cifcode file). For compiled code files, and additional option is available. The simulator can also be started by double clicking such a file.