Test modeΒΆ


This page is primarily intended for the developers of the CIF 3 simulator, and not its end users.

In order to be able to perform automated testing, the Test mode option (Output category) can be used. This option has the following effect:

  • The visual interfaces for all output components (such as visualizers) are disabled.
  • The user is no longer asked to confirm termination of the simulator, if the the Ask to confirm simulator termination option (Simulator category) is configured to let the simulator decide whether to ask the user for confirmation or terminate automatically. By not asking for user input at the console, the automated test set can be fully automatically executed.
  • It is allowed to perform real-time simulation without using any real-time output components, allowing testing of the real-time functionality in the automated test set.
  • All real-time delays are skipped. By not performing unnecessary real-time delays, the automated test set executes as fast as possible.
  • SVG visualization operates in synchronous mode, rather than asynchronous mode. This ensures that debug output becomes synchronous as well, and we thus get consistent output for our test cases. This is not only useful for automated testing, but also for debugging.