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Welcome to the website for the software developed by the Systems Engineering group of the Mechanical Engineering department, at the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e). As far as software is concerned, our group primarily develops tools for the modeling languages Chi 3 and CIF 3, and cross-platform and machine-independent scripting language ToolDef 2. The remainder of this page explains how to install, update, remove, and use our software. Further details about the specific tools for each of the languages (toolsets), can be found in the documentation for those languages and their toolsets.

All our software is free, and is licensed under the MIT open source license.


Information on downloading, installing, updating, and removing our software. Also provides system requirements and troubleshooting information.

Using SE software

Information on how to get started on, and solve issues with, using Eclipse and our tooling.

Chi 3

The Chi 3 website with information about the Chi 3 language and tools.


The CIF 3 website with information about the CIF 3 language and tools.

ToolDef 2

The ToolDef 2 website with information about the ToolDef 2 language and tools.